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BAB: AS “Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums””coupon rate payment notes for the third interest calculation

28.12.2005, Akciju komercbanka Baltikums, RIG
Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums”                                  28.12.2005

Coupon rate payment on AS “Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums”” notes for the third
interest calculation period is set at 6.139 p.a.

On 27 December 2005 AS “Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums”” set the coupon rate for
the third coupon period (from December, 30, till June, 29, 2006) on its 2-year
floating rate notes at 6.139 p.a.

According to the terms of the issue, the coupon rate is set for each six-month
interest calculation period. The coupon rate is based on 6 month EURIBOR rate,
which is fixed on the coupon rate determination date, plus 3.5% p.a. According
to Bank of Latvia, 6 month EURIBOR rate on 27 December 2005 was 2.639 p.a.

The second payment of the coupon at the rate of 5.593 p.a. will take place on
29 December 2005.
The first payment of the coupon at the rate of 5.722 p.a. was taken place on
29 June 2005.

EURIBOR - An index set by the European Banking Federation which is an interest
rate that is used by banks in the European Union for borrowings on the inter-bank
market for the respective period. The 6 month EURIBOR rate is published on the
Internet home page of the Bank of Latvia <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

On 21December 2004 AS “Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums”” successfully completed
its first public offering of notes that was launched on December 1, 2004. The
total size of the issue is EUR 3,855,500. The notes have face value of EUR 100
each. The coupon will be paid semi-annually and the principal will be repaid as
a lump sum on 29 December 2006.

Chairman of the Board

Tatjana Gaivoronska
Phone: 7031343

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