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Klaipėdos nafta (14.05.2021)

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Klaipėdos nafta

Klaipėdos nafta

Name: AB Klaipėdos nafta (KN)
Trademark: KN
Description of activities: operation/management of oil, oil product and liquefied natural gas terminals
Date of registration: 27 September 1994
Auditor: KPMG Baltics, UAB
Date of equity listing (Secondary List): 16 January 1996
Date of equity listing (Main List): 4 April 2016
Market: Nasdaq Vilnius

Management Board
Edvinas Katilius (Chairman), Guy Mason, Jūratė Lingienė, Alfonso Morriello, Karolis Švaikauskas

Supervisory Board
Robertas Vyšniauskas (Chairman), Dovilė Kavaliauskienė, Mantas Šukevičius

Background Information 

The KN activity consists of the three main areas:

  • Crude and refined products (terminals in Klaipėda and Subačius);
  • Klaipėda LNG hub (large scale and small scale LNG terminals) 
  • International LNG projects.

Klaipėda oil terminal is one of the most modern and rapidly developing oil terminals on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The purpose of the terminal is to provide the services of handling (from tank wagons to tankers and vice versa) of oil products supplied from/to oil refineries and storage of such products in the storage tank park of the terminal. Oil products are also imported through the KN oil terminal, which involves the services of transferring oil products from oil tankers to the clients’ facilities (tank trucks and/or tank wagons). Oil products usually handled at the terminal are gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, fuel oil, vacuum gasoil, oil and chemical products, biofuel. 

The capacity of the KN oil and oil product storage tank park is 600 000 cubic metres. Up to 8 million tonnes of products may be reloaded per year. Modern technologies and technical solutions enable the simultaneous storage and handling of oil products of different types while ensuring separation of the products and maintaining the required quality parameters. At the two berths, at which the entrance to the Klaipėda port is 14 metres deep, oil tankers up to 100,000 tonnes with the maximum vessel draught of 12.5 metres may be reloaded. The KN oil terminal has a tank truck filling area where oil products are transferred from tankers or tank wagons to storage tanks and are reloaded to tank trucks. The customers have a possibility to add multifunctional additives and/or biofuels to oil products at KN oil terminal. Up to four tank trucks or 8 types of oil products may be loaded at the terminal‘s tank truck filling area simultaneously. A unique biological waste water treatment technology guarantees that the quality of water released to open waters meets regulatory requirements of the European Union.  

Subačius oil terminal. Since the approval of the share subscription agreement with the Republic of Lithuania on June 11, 2012, the Subačius Oil Terminal (former Subačius fuel base), located at Kunčiai village, Kupiškis district, was transferred to the control of AB Klaipėdos nafta. The main purpose of Subačius oil terminal is the long-term storage of oil product (fuel) stocks of the Lithuanian State. The terminal also provides services of oil product handling and storage to both private and business customers. The storage tank park consists of 66 storage tanks with the total capacity of 338,000 m3. The terminal also has a tank truck loading rack, where 14 tank wagon cars can be loaded/unloaded simultaneously, and a modern tank truck filling site.  

LNG terminal is one of the most important national facilities that ensures the national energy security, which has enabled the formation of a natural gas market in Lithuania and opened opportunities for the state and its citizens to import natural gas from all over the world. Operation of the LNG terminal is based on the third-party access principle and enables the users of the terminal to import LNG from global market. Natural gas imported by the users of the terminal may be supplied to the consumers from different suppliers at market prices. LNG terminal was launched at the end of 2014. The terminal is based on the FSRU technology. FSRU is leased from a Norwegian capital company Höegh LNG until the end of 2024. The terminal also has a 450m-long berth to which the FSRU is permanently moored, in addition to a connecting gas pipeline and a gas metering station. The main functions of the terminal are the following: LNG loading and reloading, regasification and transfer of gas to the national gas grid. 

Since the end of 2017 the on-shore LNG reloading station is operated on a third-party access basis within the territory of Klaipėda oil terminal. The LNG supply chain in Klaipėda consists of the LNG reloading station and the LNG terminal. The LNG reloading station is designed for accepting LNG from small-scale carriers, for temporary storage and loading it to LNG trucks or vessels.  LNG may also be loaded into ISO-compliant standard size containers, which may be transported by both rail and road. LNG can be imported to the LNG reloading station from Klaipėda LNG terminal or other terminals in the Baltic Sea or the North Sea. 

International LNG projects. In 2020 KN became the operator of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Açu Port, Brazil.  A joint venture Gas Natural Acu (GNA) owned by Prumo Logistica, BP and Siemens, is implementing the biggest natural gas power plant park project Fiin Latin America. The project includes two natural gas-powered plants and the LNG import terminal.  As the operator of the LNG terminal, KN is responsible for the smooth operation of the LNG terminal, including the technical and commercial operation of the berth as well as gas pipeline and gas metering stations located thereon.  

In total, KN has approximately 370 employees. 

Contact Details
Address: Buriu str.19, 91003 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 46 391772
Fax: +370 46 311399
Internet webpage:
Contact person: Vaidotas Dirmeikis, Head of Finance department, acting Finance Director, +370 646 58108

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