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Klaipėdos nafta (02.03.2021)

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Klaipėdos nafta

Klaipėdos nafta

Name: Klaipedos Nafta AB
Core business: Operation of oil products and liquefied natural gas terminals
Date of registration: 27 September 1994
Auditor: KPMG Baltics, UAB
Date of equity listing (Secondary List): 16 January 1996
Date of equity listing (Main List): 4 April 2016
Market: Nasdaq Vilnius

Management Board
Giedrius Dusevičius (Chairman), Mantas Bartuška, Dainius Bražiūnas, Bjarke Pålsson, Ian Jonathan Bradshaw

Supervisory Board
Eimantas Kiudulas (Chairman), Karolis Švaikauskas

Background Information 
Activity of SC Klaipedos nafta is constituted of three main directions:

  • Activity of oil and oil Products terminal;
  • Activity of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal;
  • Activity of the Subacius fuel storage facility.

Company’s oil terminal is one of the most modern oil terminals in Europe. This terminal is known as one of the largest and most reliable oil terminal in the market of oil cargo transit services in the Baltic States. The purpose of the terminal is to reload exportable oil products are delivered from Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, and other countries from railway cars to vessels. Also the Company provides an opportunity to import oil products in Lithuania through Klaipeda Seaport by sea way. The transhipped oil products are as follows: fuel oil, vacuum gas oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel. 

Oil terminal complex is situated in the territory of Klaipeda occupying 35.7 ha; the Company is capable to process up to 7-8 million tons of export and import oil and oil products annually. Total oil and oil product storage capacity is 450 000 m³. Each cargo delivered from different oil refineries is stored separately, i.e. is not mixed with the others. This allows preserving quantity and quality of delivered products. In the two jetties, with the deep of 14 meters, tankers (draught of up to 13 meters) can be loaded for a cargo of up to 100.000 tons. In the terminal there is constructed the auto tank-cars loading equipment which can service four tank-cars at the same time. Water treatment facilities using the unique technology of biological treatment guarantee the quality and full compliance with the EU Normative Requirements of water to be released into the open waters.

On 27th of November 2014 the Company has stared an operation of the LNG terminal. In 2012 under the delegation of the Republic of Lithuania, the Company started the implementation of strategically significant project – construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal that was finished successfully and on time in the end of 2014. The LNG terminal is based on FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) technology, which is leased by Höegh LNG. The terminal also contains Jetty of 450 meters long, to which the FSRU is permanently moored; gas connecting pipeline (18 km.) and gas metering station. Main functions of the LNG terminal are as follows: LNG regasification (and gas transfer to the national gas system) and LNG transhipping.

After the approval of the share emission agreement with the Republic of Lithuania on the 11th of June 2012 SC Klaipedos nafta started to operate the Subacius fuel storage facility in Kunciu village, Kupiskis district. The infrastructure of the Subacius fuel storage facility consists of the following: the park of 338,000 m3 of storage tanks for storage of light oil products; the railway trestle which can simultaneously handle 14 rail tank wagons; modern loading station of road tank-cars. Main operations of the Subacius fuel storage facility are: long-term storage of oil products and the loading of road tank trucks.

There are about 350 employees working at SC Klaipedos nafta.

Contact Details
Address: Buriu str.19, 91003 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 46 391772
Fax: +370 46 311399
Internet webpage:
Contact person: Jonas Lenkšas (Chief Financial Officer), +370 694 80594,




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