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VLP: EU support to Vilkyskiu Pieninė will help to increase competitiveness

27.07.2006, Vilkyškių pieninė, VLN
JSC Vilkyškių pieninė             Release            27-07-2006

EU support to Vilkyskiu Pieninė will help to increase competitiveness

One of the most up-to-date Lithuanian cheese producers Vilkyskiu Pienine AB
signed an agreement with National Paying Agency about the receiving of
3.45 mln. litas (1 mln EUR) support from EU structural funds. The company
assigned this EU support for the modernisation of production: renovation of
cheese production technologies and for fulfilling the new project of whey
processing. In total during this year the company will invest into
modernisation about 10 mln. litas (2.9 mln EUR) jointly with the received
EU support – about 2.5 times more than last year.

“Using the EU support we will attempt to further increase the competitiveness
of the company not only among local, but also among the citizens of
neighbouring countries, at the same time we will attempt to spread the
export possibilities”,- told director general of Vilkyskiu Pienine AB
Gintaras Bertasius. According to him, the investments into modern technologies
will let to increase the efficiency of production, the control of production
quality and to minimise the formation of waste.

The project of Vilkyskiu Pienine AB supported by EU consists of two parts:
modernisation of cheese technologies and project of whey processing. Total value
of this project – more than 7.63 million litas (2.21 mln EUR). EU support makes
45 perc. of total project value.

Vilkyskiu Pienine AB has already used about half of the funds assigned for the
project for the modernisation of the cheese production line. According to
G. Bertasius,the introduced new equipment meet the highest EU hygiene
requirements as all the processes of cheese production starting with acceptance
of raw milk to preparation of final products today are fully automated.

The remaining part of funds is assigned for the purchase of whey processing
equipment. After executing this part of project Vilkyskiu Pienine AB plans
to start processing whey already at the beginning of next year. Until the
very moment Vilkyskiu Pienine AB didn’t fulfil this production process
in its enterprise.

According to G.Bertasius, company plans to actively invest into new
technologies in future as well. “If in 2005 we invested 4.3 million litas
(1.25 mln EUR) into modernisation of the company, this year the investments
will reach around 10 million litas (2.9 mln EUR). We plan to further modernise
production processes and to strengthen the capacities with EU support
in the coming year as well”, - told G.Bertasius.

According to the audited data, the income of one of most up-to-date Lithuanian
cheese producers Vilkyskiu Pienine AB in 2005 was 91.708 mln. litas
(26.56 mln EUR). It means 22,1 percent more than in 2004, when company’s
income reached 75.101 mln. litas (21.75 mln EUR). Company’s net profit
in 2005 was 4.28 litas (1.24 mln EUR).

More information:

Vilija Milaseviciute
JSC Vilkyškių pieninė, Economist - Analyst
Phone: +370 441 55 102

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