Security information

ISIN LT0000121865
Ticker ZMP1L
List/segment Baltic Secondary List
Nominal 0.29 EUR
Total number of securities 41,737,500
Number of listed securities 46,375,000
Number of shares with voting rights 46,375,000
Share capital 13,448,750 EUR
Listing date 13.10.1997

Company shareholders (≥ 5%)
As of 31.12.2022

Name Ownership interest (%)
Algirdas Pažemeckas (bendrosios jungtinės sutuoktinių nuosavybės teise) 33.69
Danutė Pažemeckienė (asmeninės nuosavybės teise) 33.58
UAB "Baltic Holding" 10.85
AB "Klaipėdos pienas" 6.95

Information about shareholders, who own 5% or more of issuer’s capital, is updated once per year based on the information provided in the issuer’s audited annual financial report.