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Latvian Gov. 5-year T-bond 57013 (10.12.2019)

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LVGB006220A  |  ISIN LV0000570133



Valsts Kase / Treasury of Latvia

Valsts Kase / Treasury of Latvia

Issuer: The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.


Background information:
The Treasury  by authorisation of the Ministry of Finance performs all transactions with government securities. Treasurer: Kaspars Āboliņš.
The Treasury is a direct administration institution subordinated to the Ministry of Finance. Its operational objective is the effective implementation of public administration functions in the area of public finance management.
The goal of the central government debt management is to provide the necessary financial resources at the lowest possible costs, hedging the financial risks and taking into account the developments concerning the Latvian capital market and the entire financial system. In order to attain this goal and ensure compliance of the central government debt management with the best international practice, a distinction has to be made within the framework of the central government debt management between the central government debt portfolio management and central government borrowing management.
The goal of issuing Latvian government securities is to ensure financing of the government budget deficit and re-financing of the government debt, as well as liquidity of the government finances. Currently, the government securities are the main source of the government domestic funding.
The first issue of the government securities took place at the end of 1993. Next years, due to increased necessity for the government financing, as well as development of the securities market, the investors were offered longer-term securities. At present moment there are short-term T-bills outstanding with initial repayment term of six and twelve month, medium term T-bonds with initial term of repayment of two, three and five years, as well as long-term bonds with initial term of repayment of ten years

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Address: Smilšu iela 1, Rīga, LV 1919, Latvia
Phone: +371 67094222

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