Silvano Fashion Group

About issuer

Name: AS Silvano Fashion Group
Core business: Production and sale of women's lingerie
Date of establishment: 1944
Date of registration: 23 December 1996
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers AS 
Date of listing: 20 May 1997 (I-List), 21 November 2006 (Main List)
Market: Nasdaq Tallinn
Other listings: Warsaw Stock Exchange 

Management Board:
Jarek Särgava

Supervisory Board:
Toomas Tool (Chairman), Mart Mutso, Triin Nellis, Risto Mägi, Stephan David Balkin

Background Information
Silvano Fashion Group AS is an international lingerie distribution group involved in design, manufacturing, wholesale, franchise and retail of ladies lingerie. The Group developes six lingerie, beachwear and underwear brands: Milavitsa,  Lauma Lingerie, Alisee, Avelin and Laumelle for ladies and Hidalgo underwear for men.
Silvano Fashion Group is selling lingerie products to 23 different countries. Key sales markets are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic states. There is alltogether 680 branded own retail and franchise stores.

The main manufacturing capacity of the Group is comprised of Milavitsa lingerie factory located in Minsk (Belarus) and Lauma Lingerie factory located in Liepaja (Latvia). 

Silvano Fashion Group has more than 2000 employees in 5 countries.

Articles of Association

Contact Details
Address: Tulika 15/17, 10613 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +372 6845 000 

Fax: +372 6845 300 

Internet webpage:  

Contact person: Jarek Särgava (Member of the Board)

Issuer documents

Event type Document date Documents
Admission 2007, June Offering prospectus – EN (2.4 MB)
Takeover 2007, May Takeover offer by Indrek Rahumaa – ET (1.2 MB)
Reorganization 2007, April Merger report – ET (982.6 KB)
Admission 2006, October Listing and trading prospectus – EN (2.1 MB)
Prospectus summary – ET (64.4 KB)
Reorganization 2006, August Share swap agreement – EN (1.9 MB)
Lauma – EN (637.2 KB)
Milavitsa – EN (2.6 MB)
Silvano Investment Group – EN (712.8 KB)
Reorganization 2006, May Division plan – ET (1.3 MB)
Division plan – EN (98.6 KB)
Admission 2003, May Listing prospectus – ET (1.1 MB)
Listing prospectus – EN (1010.8 KB)
Admission 2002, August Registration prospectus – ET (238.8 KB)
Takeover 2002, August Takeover offer by OÜ Alta Holding – ET (160.6 KB)
Admission 2000, June Registration prospectus – ET (581.3 KB)
Admission 1997, April Registration prospectus – ET (800.6 KB)