Mažeikių nafta (21.11.2007)

Date: 15.12.2006 - 16:15 (GMT+3) , Exchange: VLN , Company: Mažeikių nafta

MNF: PKN Orlen Acquired Mazeikiu Nafta

AB "Mažeikių nafta"      Information Message      2006-12-15

PKN Orlen Acquired Mazeikiu Nafta.
Igor Chalupec Elected as Chairman of the Board

Today PKN ORLEN became the holder of a total number of 596,834,352 shares 
of Mazeikiu Nafta with the par value of LTL 1. The Mazeikiu Nafta shares held 
by PKN ORLEN represent 84.36% of Mazeikiu Nafta’s authorized capital and entitle 
PKN ORLEN to 596,834,352 votes or 84.36% of the total number of votes at 
the General Meeting of Shareholders of Mazeikiu Nafta. 
The price paid for 379,918,411 Mazeikiu Nafta shares purchased by PKN ORLEN from 
Yukos International amounted to USD 1,492,000,000. The price paid by PKN ORLEN 
for 216,915,941 Mazeikiu Nafta shares purchased from the Government of 
the Republic of Lithuania amounted to USD 851,828,900.31.
Today’s meeting of the Supervisory Council of Mazeikiu Nafta elected Igor Chalupec, 
Piotr Kownacki and Saulius Specius as new members of the Board of Mazeikiu Nafta.
The meeting of the Board of Mazeikiu Nafta followed the Supervisory Council meeting 
and elected Igor Chalupec as the Chairman of the Board. 

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