Mažeikių nafta (21.11.2007)

Security information

ISIN LT0000115552 
Ticker MNF1L 
Issuer  Mažeikių nafta (MNF)
Nominal value 1 LTL
Total number of securities 708,821,122
Number of listed securities 708,821,122
Listing date 06.02.1996 

Company shareholders (over 5%) as of 30.06.2007

Name Ownership interest (%)
Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen S.A. 89.89%
Valstybė, atstovaujama LR Ūkio ministerijos 9.98%

Considering the financial instruments accounting system in Lithuania, Lithuanian companies’ lists of shareholders owning over 5% of company’s total capital are updated at least 2 times per year – as of April 30 (or as of the end of first calendar quarter, or the registration day of general shareholders’ meeting) and October 31 (or as of the end of the third calendar quarter).