Latvijas balzams

About issuer

Name: AS “Latvijas balzams”
Core business: Production of alcoholic beverages
Auditor: SIA “PricewaterhouseCoopers”
Date of listing: 15.10.1998. (I-list); from 21.05.2007 Baltic Secondary List
Market: Nasdaq Riga

Supervisory Board:
Rolands Gulbis (Chairman), Valizhan Abidov, Petr Aven, Aleksandrs Maslo, Velga Celmiņa

Management Board: 
Intars Geidāns (Chairman), Ronalds Žarinovs, Jekaterina Stuģe

Background information:

AS Latvijas balzams is a leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States that produces more than 100 different kinds of alcoholic drinks. Latvijas balzams’ major shareholder is SPI Regional Business Unit BV which owns 89.99% of the company’s equity capital.

The Company is one of the most significant Latvian exporters– its products are available in more than 30 countries via direct export and in over 170 global markets by orders of S.P.I.Group.

Latvijas balzams has strong background in production of "Private label" projects and experience in production for the following countries: Norway, China, UK, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and USA.

AS Latvijas balzams ensures a constantly high quality of products that corresponds to the expectations of the customers and the requirements of regulatory enactments. This is confirmed by a management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 international standard which covers all stages of production, starting from development of new alcoholic beverage up to its introduction in the production and sale.

Latvijas balzams ensures workplace for more than 600 employees.



Address: A.Čaka iela 160, Rīga, LV -1012
Phone: + 371 67081213
Fax: + 371 67315265

Contactperson: Jūlija Dmitrijeva
Phone: +371 67081213



Issuer documents

Event type Document date Documents
Takeover 2016, January Voluntary buyback offer prospectus by SIA "AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP" – EN,LV (235.7 KB)