INVL Baltic Fund

About fund

Fund’s assets are invested into shares of companies listed on Baltic Stock Exchange or enterprises actively operating in the Baltic states. The fund is striving for maximum return by assuming high risk level. The fund focuses on long-term investments by identifying attractive economy sectors and particular companies.

Characteristics of the Subfund
The Fund investments will not be limited by any specific industry or investment style. At least 50% of net assets of the Fund will be invested in the equities of companies listed on the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian stock exchanges. The remaining net assets of the Fund may be invested in equities of companies with significant proportion of their business running in the Baltic States, also in equities listed in other markets, as well as in other investment instruments. The Fund may also invest in the units of other UCIs investing in the Baltic States, but not exceeding 20% of the net assets of the Fund to such investment. The Fund may maintain part of its assets in cash or in money market instruments.

Goal of fund: to preserve the capital of Fund members and generate a stable return from the investment.
Region: Baltic States, Nordic countries, Poland and United Kingdom
Minimal recommended investment period: 3 year
Risk level: medium – high risk
Benchmark index: 100 % OMX Baltic Benchmark Capped Gross Index

Distribution fee:  2.00 %
Management fee:  2.00 %
Performance fee: not applicable

For more information about the charges, please refer to Chapter 17 - "Expenses" of the Fund's prospectus.

More information on the Subfund
More information about the subfund (prospectus, Rules, annual and semi-annual reports, etc.) are available at client service office Gynėjų str. 14, Vilnius, by calling +370 700 55 959 or by e-mail, online and at any subfund’s distributor.

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