OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund

About fund

OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund (previously called NSEL 30 Index Fund) is the first Lithuanian investment fund. Index investment funds are designed to track the performance of a securities index by investing in substantially all the securities contained in that index. The OMX Baltic Benchmark Fund replicates the performance of the OMX Baltic Benchmark GI index, which is an index of over 30 largest free-float capitalization Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian) companies.

Subscription: 2%
Redemption: 1%
Fee to the Management Company for administration of the Fund:
1% of the Fund's average annual net asset value.
Fee to the Custodian for custodian services:
0.22% of the Fund's average annual net assets value. From the Fund's assets, an additional fixed fee of EUR 2.9 is paid to custodian for every money and securities transaction within Fund's money and securities accounts.
Countries where fund is offered publicly: Lithuania

Management company: Orion Asset Management UAB
Address: A.Tumeno str.4, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: (+370 )5 204 15 41,
Fax: (+370 )5 204 15 42
Home page: