Vilkyškių pieninė

About issuer

Name: Vilkyskiu Pienine AB
Core business: Milk procurement, processing and realization of dairy products
Date of registration: 18 May 1993
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB
Date of equity listing (Secondary List): 17 May 2006
Date of equity listing (Main List): 1 January 2008
Market: Nasdaq Vilnius

Management Board
Gintaras Bertašius (Chairman), Sigitas Trijonis, Rimantas Jancevičius, Vilija Milaševičiutė, Linas Strėlis, Andrej Cyba

Background Information
Founded in 1993, Vilkyškių pieninė AB is currently one of the most up-to-date cheese factories in Lithuania, holding 17% of that country's cheese production market. 60% of production Vilkyskiu pienine AB exports to other countries. 

Vilkyškių pieninė AB group consists of three companies: Vilkyškių pieninė AB, Modest AB and Kelmės pieninė AB. The Group has about 800 employees. The main activity of the mother company is production and sales of various kinds of cheese. The company also produces and sells whey products and cream. Modest AB produces cheeses and various kinds of non-traditional cheese products, such as blue cheese, feta cheese, ricotta and various kinds of mozzarellas. Kelmės pieninė AB produces fresh dairy products: milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, butter, and cottage cheese products. This wide assortment of dairy products allows successful competition with other dairy processors. The main markets of Vilkyškių pieninė AB group are in Lithuania, other Baltic countries, the European Union, Russia and other countries.
From the very start, Vilkyškių pieninė AB has strived to improve the quality and variety of its products. Over the past ten years, the company has invested more than EUR 12m into modern production technologies to increase automation and boost efficiency.
After implementing a quality management program in 2000, Vilkyškių pieninė AB received an export license for EU countries. In 2008, the company received ISO 9001 and ISO22000 certificates.
The base of Vilkyškių pieninė’s success is formed from reliable relationships with business partners tested over time, rapid reactions to the needs of customers and the market, and the competence of employees. Equally important are its circle of reliable suppliers, established long-term sales relationships and attractive pricing policy. 

Contact Details
Address: Vilkyskiai, LT - 99254 Pagegiu sav., Lithuania
Telephone: +370 441 553 30
Fax: +370 441 552 42
Internet webpage:
Contact person: Vilija Milaševičiutė (Finance Director), +370 441 55 102,

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Admission 2006, April Prospectus – LT (644.2 KB)
Summary – EN (50.8 KB)