Ūkio bankas (14.06.2013)

About issuer

Name: Ukio Bankas AB
Core business: Banking activities
Date of registration: 19 November 1990
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche UAB
Date of equity listing (Secondary List): 2 August 1994
Date of equity listing (Main List): 13 July 2006

Background Information
Ukio Bankas is the oldest private commercial bank providing universal banking services to a wide customer network covering the largest and economically the most vital regions of Lithuania. Its representative offices are opened in Kiev (Ukraine) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).
The purpose of the bank is to provide qualified classic and modern financial services to its clients and be their business consultant and partner. Ukio Bankas adheres to the modern banking traditions based on fair competition and transparent activity.

Contact Details:
Address: Maironio str. 25, LT-44250 Kaunas, Lithuania
Telephone: +370 37 301 301
Fax: +370 37 323 188
E–mail: ub@ub.lt
Internet webpage: www.ub.lt
Contact person: Marius Arlauskas, tel. +370 37 301 332; m.arlauskas@ub.lt

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