Olympic Entertainment Group (16.11.2018)

About issuer

Name: Olympic Entertainment Group AS
Core business: Organizing of casino operations and hotel management
Date of establishment: The first company of the group was established in September 1993 under the name of
AS Benetreks (at the moment Olympic Casino Eesti AS). Olympic Entertainment Group AS was established in
November 1999 (previous name OÜ Mecom Grupp).
Date of registration: 15 November 1999
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers AS
Date of listing: 23 October 2006 (Main List)
Market: Nasdaq Tallinn
Other listings: - 

Management Board:
Corey David Plummer (Chairman), Omer Efraimil, Meelis Pielberg

Supervisory Board:
Mickael Betito, Dr Günter Maximilian Schmid, Stephen Mark Peel, Stefan Kowski

Background Information
Olympic Entertainment Group AS with its subsidiaries is the leading provider of gaming services in the Baltic States and operates casinos in Slovakia, Malta and Italy. Olympic Entertainment Group AS is the Group’s ultimate holding company, organising the strategic management and financing of the Group. The operations of local casinos are controlled by local subsidiaries. Most of the Group’s casino properties operate under the trademark of Olympic Casino. In addition to land-based casinos the Group is also providing online casino services and operates a hotel and casino complex in Tallinn, Estonia. 



Contact Details
Address: Pronksi 19, 10124 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +372 6 671 250
Fax: +372 6 671 270
E-mail: info@oc.eu
Internet webpage: http://www.olympic-casino.com/
Contact person: Madis Jääger (CEO)

Issuer documents

Event type Document date Documents
Reorganization 2007, April Merger agreement – ET (296.0 KB)
Merger agreement – EN (47.3 KB)
Merger report – ET (629.3 KB)
Merger report – EN (664.6 KB)
Admission 2006, September Offering and listing prospectus – EN (1.5 MB)
Prospectus summary – ET (2.2 MB)
Prospectus summary – LV (2.3 MB)
Prospectus summary – LT (2.2 MB)