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About issuer

About the company

Enterprise name: AS Ekspress Grupp
Area of activity: Media and publishing
Date of founding: 21 June 1995
Auditor: Price Waterhouse Coopers
Listing date on the Tallinn Stock Exchange: 5 April 2007 (Main list)
Market: Nasdaq Tallinn
Quotations on other stock exchanges: -

Management Board:
Mari-Liis Rüütsalu (Chairman), Signe Kukin, Kaspar Hanni

Supervisory Board:
Ahto Pärl (Chairman), Hans H. Luik, Indrek Kasela, Peeter Saks, Aleksandras Česnavičius

Brief overview of the enterprise
AS Ekspress Grupp is a media company, whose activities include publishing, printing services and online media content production. The group’s goal is to be the leading media company in the Baltic States.

The main subsidiaries of Ekspress Grupp are: Eesti Ajalehed AS, Eesti Päevalehe AS, AS SL Õhtuleht, AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus, Delfi Group, OÜ Ekspress Digital, AS Printall, UAB Ekspress Leidyba and AS Express Post.

Eesti Ajalehed AS publishes Estonia’s largest weekly newspapers Eesti Ekspress and Maaleht. Eesti Päevalehe AS publishes Estonia’s leading quality newspaper Eesti Päevaleht. AS SL Õhtuleht publishes Estonia’s largest publication SL Õhtuleht. AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus publishes more than twenty magazines, including well-known publications such as Kroonika, Eesti Naine, Naised, Nädal, Teleleht, Kodukiri, Anne & Stiil, Tervis Pluss, Oma Maitse, Pere ja Kodu and Jana. Delfi Group is the largest online media company in the Baltic States. Delfi Group operates classified news portals in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. AS Printall is the largest printing house in Estonia and is mainly specialised in printing periodicals. UAB Ekspress Leidyba is the leading magazine publisher in Lithuania, whose product portfolio includes Lithuania’s largest monthly Panele, magazine Moteris and International women’s magazine Cosmpolitan.

In its activity, Ekspress Grupp proceeds from the principles of free press and follows the Corporate Governance Code.

Contact information
Address: Parda 6, 10151 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia
Phone: +372 669 8381
Fax: +372 669 8180
E-mail: egrupp@egrupp.ee
Homepage: http://www.egrupp.ee

Issuer documents

Event type Document date Documents
Admission 2010, April Offering and listing prospectus – EN (945.1 KB)
Prospectus summary – ET (264.5 KB)
Reorganization 2009, December Merger agreement – EN (135.4 KB)
Merger agreement – ET (1.3 MB)
Merger report (12.03.2010) – ET (310.0 KB)
Merger report (12.03.2010) – EN (62.3 KB)
Admission 2007, March Offering and listing prospectus – EN (1.4 MB)
Prospectus summary – ET (1.4 MB)
Notice of public offering – ET (72.1 KB)