Capitalia 12% bond

About issuer

Issuer: Capitalia, AS
Core business: Financial services
Auditor: SIA Potapoviča un Andersone

Supervisory Board:
Mārtiņš Krūtainis (Chairman), Andrejs Strods, Peeter Piho

Management Board:
Juris Grišins

Background information:
Capitalia is the largest non-bank lender to small and medium enterprises in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. To date Capitalia has financed working capital and investment needs of more than 1000 companies investing over EUR 20 million in growth of these businesses.


Address: Brīvības 40-50, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Phone: +371 28800880
Home page:

Contact person:
Juris Grišins

Issuer documents

Event type Document date Documents
Admission 2014, October Bond issue prospectus – LV (13.5 MB)