Web Solutions for Issuers

Investor Relations is a set of activities pursued by a listed company and aimed at communicating with existing and potential investors. Setting up a special section on the issuer's website is paramount for providing information to investors and maintaining the corporate-investor relationship.

Nasdaq Baltic exchanges have developed an offer for listed companies to support their provision to investors of comprehensive information on the financial instruments issued by the company, supplying relevant market information and analysis on the corporate website.


Market Data

Delayed market data

Baltic market data with a 15-minute delay is a service to Baltic-listed companies that want to post company trading data on their corporate websites, e.g., last price, trading volume, etc.

The stock exchange dispatches the company trading data as an XML file via an authorized internet connection. The company develops its own technical solutions for displaying market data on its corporate website.

The service includes the following data that may be displayed by the company on its website:   

  • last, high and low price
  • trading volume in terms of number of traded securities
  • trading volume in terms of money
  • index value changes


Real-time market data 

Real-time market data on the issuer's website means that investors can access information on trading with company securities in real time (instead of with a 15-minute delay) directly from the respective corporate website, and need no longer visit the stock exchange website.  

Examples of tailor-made solutions for displaying market data provided by the stock exchange:


Olympic Entertainment Group             Apranga


Investor Relations Web Solution

Investor Relations module for the corporate website is a product that comprises an exchange-developed technical solution for publishing Baltic market data, information about the issuer and its financial instruments on company’s website.

The following information is available for display on company’s website:

  • Securities’ trading data (real time, 15 minutes delayed or historical)
  • Performance of the company's share price benchmarked against company-selected indexes (for share issuers only)
  • Company’s announcements
  • Investor calendar
  • Financial reports
  • Morningstar factsheet on company’s share performance (for share issuers only)
  • Information on securities issued by the company
  • Information about the company
  • Company’s documents

The company may present the market data on its website in a number of currencies and languages (Latvian, English, Lithuanian, Estonian). Company announcements are available in the local language and/or English depending how the company disclosed the information on the exchange website.

Market data is displayed with a 15-minute delay. Historical information, information on the security, financial reports, company announcements and information about the company are displayed in real time. Information is refreshed automatically when updated.

Examples of Investor Sections that have been set up on the basis of the module offered by the stock exchange:

Grindeks                                               Latvijas Kuģniecība



Merko Ehitus


Subscription Services for Your Website

GlobeNewswire offers an automatic subscription service for your company’s website or intranet. The subscription service gives your interest groups the possibility to easily subscribe to all your company announcements and press releases.

Instant access to your news

The subscription service gives investors, journalists, analysts and other interest groups the possibility to sign up for the information you disclose through the Nasdaq news distribution service. When you send out your news they will automatically receive a copy right after it has been published.

A tool to get in touch with your interest groups

You will automatically get access to a complete list of all your subscribers' contact details directly in the distribution application. This gives you a complete overview of who your subscribers are, what information they are interested in and, for instance, where they are based.

Advantages of the Subscription service

For information recipients

  • Information is received in a very convenient way: by e-mail in real time
  • For free

For the company

  • A way to ensure easy access to the company’s information
  • Possibility to get a list of the information recipients