Latvian Central Depository

The Latvian Central Depository (LCD) is the sole central securities depository in Latvia and administers the Latvian central register of publicly issued securities. LCD performs safe-custody of securities, clearing and settlement for securities trading, management of corporate actions, and other services related to securities.

LCD is a member of ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies) and has obtained National Numbering Agency status in Latvia. LCD assigns ISIN codes and CFI codes for all issues registered with the LCD.

Since 2003, LCD also also administered the state funded pension, i.e. the second pillar of the pension system.

Corresponding relationships with the Estonian CSD, Lithuanian CSD and Clearstream Banking Luxembourg, allowing LCD participants to act as custodians with regard to the financial instruments registered with a counterpart depository.

LCD offers shareholder registrar maintenance service for non-listed joint stock companies.

The activities of the Latvian Central Depository are supervised by the Financial and Capital Markets Commission.

Nasdaq Nordic, Ltd is the 100% owner of the Latvian Central Depository (LCD). LCD owns the 100% shares of Estonian and Lithuanian CSDs.

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