United Partners Advisory to Become pan-Baltic Certified Adviser on First North

Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius, Nasdaq Baltic Market, October 13, 2017 — Nasdaq (NDAQ) announces that United Partners Advisory OÜ, an Estonian financial advisory services company, becomes a pan-Baltic Certified Adviser on First North, which means that they can advise companies pursuing admission to First North in all three countries.  

Nasdaq Baltic First North is a growth market designed for small and medium-sized companies in Baltics. The regulatory requirements on First North are less extensive compared to the regulated market, therefore it is easier for young companies to become publicly traded. The certified adviser’s role is to guide growth companies through the application process and to ensure that the companies fulfil all the requirements of First North rules on a continuous basis.

"I'm very happy to see that the interest for the First North market has increased both among the companies aiming to become publicly traded and also among advisers. We have recently turned more attention to small and mid-sized companies to make sure that they are also aware of the benefits the stock exchange and the First North market can provide them,” said Kaarel Ots, Head of Nasdaq Tallinn. “The role of the adviser in guiding the companies to the market is very important. As United Partners itself has gone through the process of becoming traded on the First North market just a couple of months ago, I'm even more convinced they will become an excellent adviser to the companies aiming for the First North.”

“Thanks to the local and global media coverage of the success of the First North market in Sweden, many of our clients have become really interested in the perspective of taking their company public. We have the country with the most developed investment culture neighbouring us. We’d like this trend to spread here as well,” said Glen Madis, the Head of Investor Relations at United Partners Advisory. “The First North market provides an ideal opportunity for mid-sized companies to access the capital markets. If the company can continuously perform well, it most definitely has a positive influence on their public image. And last, but not least, becoming traded on the First North market is a good preparation for the potential future listing on the stock exchange’s main list.” 

About United Partners Advisory
United Partners has been providing financial advisory services since 2003. They have advised over 70 engagements with an aggregate transaction value in excess of 700 million euros. Their services fall under four categories: M&A, corporate finance, other consulting and advisory services for start-up companies. 

Besides main office in Estonia, United Partners has representation via cooperation partners in Latvia and Lithuania.

About First North 
First North is regulated as a multilateral trading facility, operated by the different exchanges at Nasdaq. It does not have the legal status as a regulated market in the EU. The regulatory demands are less extensive than on the regulated market and hence there is a higher risk connected to investments on First North. This can also mean higher earnings potential on investments. First North provides a large investor base since it operates on the same trading and settlement systems as the Baltic regulated market.

About Nasdaq
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